Unshattered Life

Love and laughter lie shattered on the floor
Broken shards, painful reminders
A dream that is no more

The beautiful façade has fallen from its place
The deceiving, the meaningless
Now removed from their space

But alas her life remains unshattered
Amidst the pain, the wounds, the scars
Light arrives, darkness scatters

(Photo by Mandy Mason, 2007)

*DISCLAIMER:  This poem is not about me.  It’s about some artwork that fell off the wall in our club.  So, no, I am not having a life crisis – there was just something beautifully poetic about the situation.  There were several glass circles (which had to be taken down previously) and three matching plaques on the wall: LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE.  I’ll let you guess which two fell.  🙂


2 responses to “Unshattered Life

  1. Love You Sugar Pie! Mom

  2. Awesome!

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