Orange Backpack

There is a gentleman who passes my office all the time carrying an orange backpack.  I’ve never met him and have only seen him once outside of this setting.  I’m not really sure why, maybe it’s the whole seeing him all the time yet still knowing nothing about him thing, but he intrigues me.  So I wrote a poem.

To the Man with the Orange Backpack…

I wish I knew your name
And I’d love to see you smile

I guess it’s all the same
Either way, I like your style

Your gray sweater says, “content”
And your gentle walk agrees

But in your face I find a hint
Your mind is deeper than the seas

Such a contemplative gaze
Our eyes have met a time or two

And as we go throughout our days
Perhaps someday I’ll meet you

But until that day arrives
You just do your thing

I pray that you reach many lives
And bring glory to the King


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