In Daddy’s Hands

The other night I was driving home when I noticed a  little girl walking along a rail at the Tacolate taco stand.  That rail probably comes near my waist, so it was about the same height as this precious girl who looked to be about three years old.  But what really caught my eye was how her daddy had his arms so gently around her to catch her when she slipped and to keep her from falling.

As I drove by I thanked the Lord that this little girl, unlike so many today, has an earthly father who loves her, cares for her, and encourages her to have fun and do big things.  I prayed that she would remember this sweet time with her daddy.  I thanked Him for my own earthly father who is beyond incredible.  I prayed for those little girls who don’t know their earthly father and for those who wish they didn’t.  My heart mourns for them.  But my heart rejoiced in seeing this father/ daughter duo laughing and playing together.

Then the meaningfulness of the moment went deeper.  I began to realize what a beautiful picture this was of how God interacts with His children.  He lovingly and gently wraps His arms around us.  He keeps us from falling.  He protects us.  By His strength, His wisdom, and His guidance, we can do things that are utterly impossible on our own.  In trusting Him, we have freedom to be bold and embark on exciting adventures!

There is a word of caution though.  We must be placing our trust in Him – the only one who can carry us, sustain us, protect us, and guide us.  He alone knows what is best for us and desires to see that accomplished in our lives for His glory.  Apart from Him, our “boldness” can place us in danger and cause unnecessary fear.

My family went out to eat one day when I was five years old.  We were at a buffet and my mom was pregnant with my brother so she decided to find us a table while my dad waited in line to pay for our meal.  I started to walk to the table with my mom and then changed my mind.  I told her I was going to stay with Daddy and off I went.  I ran up and grabbed his belt loop and waited for the line to move.  Suddenly I saw Mom quickly coming my way with a concerned expression on her face.  She grabbed my hand and began apologizing to Daddy… until I looked up and realized it wasn’t Daddy at all!  I was clinging to a complete stranger, trusting him to lead me.  I was suddenly terrified and also extremely grateful for my momma.  She walked me over to my dad and all was right in my 5-year-old world again.

The reality is that sometimes, even in times when we are trying to follow the Lord, we make mistakes.  We begin to put our trust in things and people other than the Lord.  We need people in our lives who will reveal to us our mistakes and lead us back to the Father.  In Daddy’s hands we are secure.

Daddy One


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