Work today was ridiculous in just about every sense of the word.  By 3:30 I wanted to pull out my hair and hide under my desk.  I decided to throw a pity party instead… because, clearly, I was the ONLY person affected by the system being down campus-wide.  Please note the sarcasm in that last bit.

Have you ever seen the show NCIS?  The main character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, is known for giving his team members “subtle” wake-up calls when they lose focus or are not living up to the standard of excellence expected of them.

The Gibbs-Slap Files - NCIS

As Gibbs himself once said, “A slap to the face would be humiliating; the back of the head’s a wake-up call.”  Thankfully, God knows I’m a total doofus prone to foolishness.  He gives me a good Gibbs’-style smack to the back of the head when I need it.  Today I needed it and He delivered.

While out running errands I passed an overturned vehicle up against a concrete wall.  I’ve never seen anything quite like that in real life.  I called 911, prayed, and began thinking about the brevity of life.  *SMACK*

As I was pulling into the Wal-Mart parking lot, I saw a truck with it’s back bumper laying on the ground.  Then I noticed it had a seminary parking decal.  I looked to see if the culprit left a note.  No such luck.  My heart broke for the poor guy who owns that truck.  Seeing that reminded me of how blessed I really am.  *SMACK*

While inside Wal-Mart I became completely overwhelmed (happens pretty much every time I go these days).  I wished I was back in Prilep where life, and shopping, were simpler.  Then I remembered how, while in Prilep, I wished I had access to a Wal-Mart because “it makes things so much easier.”  I’m ashamed at how discontent I allow myself to be sometimes.  *SMACK*

As I headed back to the dorms I noticed that about 90% of my purchases this evening were for other people.  Then I realized this should be the norm, not the exception.  I really am extremely selfish.  *SMACK*

I got to my room and dropped all my bags.  I just wanted to not do anything for a while.  I put in a movie, one I had never seen, about two girls who are serving their mandatory terms in the Israeli army.  I was taken back to my time there last year and my heart broke remembering the suffering I saw.  It broke even more when I thought about how easily I push the pain of others from my mind, how soon I forget to pray for them, how quickly I complain when I really have no reason to do so.  *SMACK*

Tonight I am grateful for God’s “Gibbs’-smacks” bringing me back to the truth.  In the show, the recipient always becomes a more productive member of the team following the infamous slap.  Praying I will be a more productive member of His team.




One response to “Smack

  1. I need those “smacks”, too…and get them regularly. You are such a creative thinker.

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