Sitting in this foreign room, I hear the music start to play.  The fire glows an unusual hue and those eyes are fixed on me – penetrating my soul.  The words fall so softly, and I slowly fade away.  With every passing moment reality becomes more of a dream.  I feel I should protest, but I long to just surrender.  I grow feeble as this cruel grasp on me tightens.  I know I am sinking to my demise.  Sinking… sinking… sinking…


In a flash the sparks fly from what is now ashes.  The wicked lullaby comes to a screeching halt.  Reality comes rushing back and a new wave of strength pulses through my veins.  I refuse to surrender!  I will fight!   That beautiful, deceptive face takes its true form to expose the snake behind the guise.  It struggles to regain control, but a swift blow from the sword and the snake lies dead on the floor.

The snake is slain.(Photo from Google, edited by me.)

The snake is slain.
(Photo from Google, edited by me.)

For those of you who have read The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair, you probably recognized the scene I just described.  Time and space prevent me from fully expounding on all that I’ve gleaned as I continue reading through this series, but that bit of the story inspired such a beautiful, worshipful moment in my life I felt it needed to be shared.

Every day I battle against my sinful flesh, and reading that scene convicted me to the core.  So often I allow myself to be lulled to complacent ineffectiveness by Satan’s deception.  I know his schemes.  I know how to defeat him.  Yet I choose to listen to the lies.  I choose to sit when I know I must stand.  I allow the poisonous fire to burn rather than extinguishing it immediately.  I allow the treacherous song to be sung and never cover my ears.  I ignore the warnings of danger and embrace the ease of surrender.  I fail to take up the sword and and slash my enemy to pieces.

I know that my deepest joy, my greatest triumphs, and my truest contentment come from spending intimate time with my Lord.  And I know that His word remains my greatest weapon in this battle.  Yet my passive mindset leads to destruction. I frequently find ways to “justify” skimping on my times with Him.  I do just enough to not feel guilty.  I convince myself that God approves of my Cain-like offerings… that He only condemns me when I do not read any Scripture that day.  LIES!  I rob myself of my greatest satisfaction and His greatest glory because I am lazy.  The truth is that “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 8:1) – God loves me to the fullest regardless of how horribly I fail Him.  Only through the blood of Christ do my meager offerings hold any merit with Him.  Yet He desires a deep, meaningful, and loving relationship with me… not just a casual, “Hello” on my way out the door.  And He and I both know I need that relationship more than anything in this world.

In the book, someone decided to stand firm against the wiles of the enchantress.  He willingly sacrificed himself to break the curse and restore the truth in the minds of those under his care.  I thank God that Christ sacrificed Himself to break the curse in this world and to restore all things to Himself!  I praise Him who frequently stamps out the flames of deceit Satan plants in my mind!  I fall humbled before my Savior who remains strong – regardless of my weakness!  I rejoice that the enemy remains defeated!


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