Globe Trotting Part 3 – The Conclusion

This will be the last post about my May/June traveling journeys.
To see the first post click here, or two read part 2, click here.

The morning after I returned to Prilep, we (Celeste, Emily, and myself) traveled down to Thessaloniki, Greece to pick up the volunteer team from Normandale.  We had time to stop and get an amazing hamburger and ice cream and do a little shopping at the mall before we had to be at the airport and we took full advantage of those few extra minutes.

I’ll have another post devoted to the volunteer teams soon, so for now we will fast-forward about a week.  Jeff & Amy told me I could take my free day and travel with the team back to Thess and spend the night there since Jeff had to go there the next day anyways.  I quickly took them up on the offer, grateful for the extra time to be with my Normandale peeps and for the opportunity to relax in Thess the next morning.

So, when the day came, we loaded up the van and headed south.  We arrived in Thess and got them checked into their hotel before heading out for lunch.  We got talked into eating at this restaurant in Aristotle Square and I have dubbed our waiter Mr. Intense.  He was very excited and pushy and loud and overall hilarious and irritating.  He informed us that we could not have gyros because they are too fat and are a winter food only – tell that to the gyro stand around the corner!

We finished up our crazy (yet delicious) lunch, and headed to the market for a few minutes…

… where I considered buying this shirt…










… and Brent considered some hot pink nail polish.










Then we took the group up to the gate the Apostle Paul walked through when he entered the city.







We looked out over the city and the sea and prayed for a movement of the Holy Spirit there.







Then we made our way back to the center of town.







We saw cats napping on ancient ruins…







… and the Black Pearl.







After a WONDERFUL dinner, we went to the home of some colleagues of mine for dessert and sweet fellowship.  I spent the night there and bid farewell to the team early the next morning.

After the team left, I headed to Starbucks for some time alone with the Lord.











I then made my way to the water-front…










As I was walking I met a young man from Zimbabwe.  We had a great conversation and I was able to give him a Bible.

He made me this bracelet in return.







I stayed for a while taking in the sites…







… like the harbor…







… the White Tower…










… a boat…







… the waves breaking against the rocks…







… and a few fishermen.







I was even able to catch up on some theological issues being raised back in the States.











As lunch time drew near I hurried over to Pizza Hut – I was sooo excited to get some of that yummy goodness!








To my great disappointment, they were closed and would not open until after I had to be back to meet Jeff.  So I settled for a gyro and off we went to pick up the next team.

I am so grateful for these days of relaxation, refreshment, and fellowship.  Still, so much of it seems like just a dream –  too good to really be true.  I have decided I am probably the most blessed person in the world.



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