Random Order

I felt it was time for a blog update, but there is not one specific thing that stands out as needing an entire post devoted to it.  That being said, I will try to derive some sort of order from this smörgåsbord of random thoughts running through my mind at the moment.

This past week I was able to cross two items off of my “bucket list”: Paragliding and standing behind a waterfall!  Yay!!!  Both were awesome experiences that I would love to repeat!  The paragliding happened in a nearby town, and the waterfall was in Edessa, Greece – which, might I add, is a GORGEOUS town.  I still have many things I’d love to do before I die, but my life has been so ridiculously full of wonderful moments and adventure that I can honestly say I have lived a full and happy life – even if I never do another thing on the list.

Don’t worry, this will not be reminiscent of a middle-school girl’s diary.  I have just had a few “interesting” experiences with the opposite sex lately that have left me slightly bewildered.  One ongoing situation involves my old man creeper who lives down the road.  The other incident was awkward, but flattering, as a young man I had just met asked me out.  I’ll spare you the details of these encounters, but it is something that has been on my mind.
(Note to my mom: Don’t worry, I have not walked backwards around any tables… nor do I have any plans of doing so.  Haha)

A few weeks ago I went over to a friend’s house to watch a movie.  (Sidenote: This led to a new mini-obsession with the Avengers movies.)  As we were leaving,  I was walking with another friend who was heading in the same direction.  It is not uncommon for cars to go waaay too fast down the particular street we were walking on, but it did come as quite a shock to see a car come flying around the corner swerving all over the road.  I have a pretty good guess that the driver was completely wasted.  He did not come too close to us, but it was close enough to make me and my heart-rate jump.  It was not necessarily a near-death experience, but it definitely got me thinking about how easily something like that could happen.  No one is guaranteed tomorrow and the whole earth is passing away.  Am I focusing each day on the things that will make a difference eternally?  Or am I just living for the pleasures of today?

Two days ago I found a nice little shady spot in a church courtyard here in town. I had some wonderful me and God time as I watched the sky grow more gray and heard the rumbling thunder begin.  The thunder went on for about 30 minutes, along with a few flashes of lightning, before I ever felt a drop of rain.  I love thunderstorms, especially when they are not accompanied by the threat of a tornado.  I began thinking about how beautiful the storm was – a great display of His power and majesty.  It was then that I realized how often I fail to see the beauty in the storms of life.  Yet He makes Himself known in those moments and they truly can be beautiful when I choose to focus on Him in the midst of the chaos.

Speaking of thunder, my boys – also known as the Oklahoma City Thunder – are doing extremely well in the first round of the NBA playoffs.  With a victory tonight (early tomorrow morning my time), they will shut out the defending champions. My friend showed me a website that usually shows the game so I am really hoping I can watch the game tonight!  THUNDER UP, OKC!!!

Photo Courtesy of the OKC Thunder facebook page

Photo Courtesy of the OKC Thunder facebook page

That sums up most of what is on my mind at the moment, and all of them started with “B” (I did have to think for a second on one of them, though, haha!).



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