Welcome Home… Back to Reality

When I got off the plane last week my mom came to pick me up. Before we got off airport property she told me that one of our Oklahoma boys (his funeral was in our hometown) had been killed serving in the military… and that we had lost several others while I was away. She also told me about a tragic situation that had taken place in our hometown.

Don’t worry, she wasn’t trying to be morbid. The soldier’s body was being flown in that day and our travel route home was the same route the procession would be taking and she wanted me to be aware of it all in case we came across everything. The day of the funeral the people from Westboro “Baptist Church” showed up with their awful protest signs. Fortunately the loved ones were guarded from seeing this horrible sight so that all they saw were hundreds of people lining the streets in loving support.

On Saturday, we had all of our extended family out to our house for a dessert party. It was great getting to see everyone, and of course we had the OK State game on so we could cheer the Pokes on to victory.  🙂  Then Sunday we had “Thanksgiving” dinner. I almost told the guy at Wal-Mart to have a happy Thanksgiving… that could have been awkward. Haha!

Monday I finally got my itenerary for my NY trip so Tuesday I drove down to Chickasha to see some of my college mentors then headed to Fort Worth.

I got there just in time for the college Bible study and then spent the night with Amy – sooo good seeing her!!! Got to go to chapel at SWBTS on Wednesday then spent the rest of the day telling everyone there goodbye. Amy treated me to dinner then I headed home to “rest up” for my flight the next day.


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