Long Overdue

I just read my most recent blog entry and realized it was not so recent.  Sorry about that!  I keep meaning to update, but these last few months have been a wonderful whirlwind of craziness.  I finished my time in Ft. Worth (at least for now), moved my stuff back to my parents’ house and then left two days later to spend a few days in Phoenix.  I had a blast and got to know some great people while I was there!  Then it was back to OK to try to get everything in order and spend as much time as possible with my family and friends before I leave.  That was a very sweet, precious time that I greatly cherish and probably will for years to come.

Fast forward to the present.
I am now in Virginia beginning my fourth week of training to prepare to go overseas.  My time here so far has been overwhelming to say the least.  I am fairly certain my brain is on the brink of explosion, having been filled with so much wisdom and insight.  This has also been a time of stretching and growing for me.  I am learning more and more about myself and how those things could come into play when I am in Macedonia.  Some of us have had some great opportunities to share Christ with people in a nearby town and it has been a blast.  So far at least three people have trusted Christ – SO EXCITING!!!

Seminary Reflection Time:
I promised a reflection in my previous post, so here goes.  My time in Ft. Worth was an incredibly unique and rewarding experience.  In all honesty, I hated the first year (other than living in E.D. Head – which I loved).  BUT God is faithful and He provided His strength in my many weaknesses and provided a wonderful church family and LifeGroup that quickly became a source of tremendous joy for me.  Then He allowed me to get plugged into the college ministry at NBC and that was a phenomenal journey and I love seeing/ hearing of all that the Lord is still doing in that group.  Some of the most amazing students on the planet… pretty sure.  🙂
As far as classes go, I learned more than could ever be summed up in a blog post and I am VERY grateful for the men and women at SWBTS who invested in me and taught me how to live more effectively for Christ.  Ironically, though, I am being reminded more and more that any knowledge I gained is useless if it is not being used by Him for His glory.  And that there is a wealth of wisdom to be gained sitting at the feet of men and women who have been walking faithfully with the Lord even if they don’t have a seminary degree.  I am so grateful the Lord sent the Holy Spirit to dwell within all who believe and to teach us the truths of His word – blows my mind! 

My prayer is that I will daily be filled with Holy Spirit, proclaiming the gospel of Christ, to the glory of God – no matter where I am on this great planet of His.


One response to “Long Overdue

  1. The time you spent at home between Ft. Worth and Virginia was very precious to us as well.

    Mom and Dad

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