A Little Glimpse of Me

My life, my story, personifies ordinary in many regards. I possess no extraordinary skills or abilities. I demand no following. I captivate no audience. I disappear in a crowd. Most people probably think of me as plain if they ever think of me at all. However, I have the power of God inside me. He works in me and through me to do great things. He ordained each of my days before the earth was formed. His blessings fill me and, hopefully, spill out to everyone I meet.

The Lord gave me an incredible family who taught me in word and action what it means to follow Him. They took me to church where I learned the truth found in the Bible and saw others seeking to follow Christ. This exposure led to the moment that changed my life for all eternity.

One Sunday in April of 1991 I sat with my family and listened to the preacher. As the service drew to a close a woman walked down the aisle and spoke with the pastor, then they knelt to pray. At home that evening I asked my mother about what I had witnessed and she took the opportunity to explain the Gospel to me – Jesus Christ’s sinless life, His death on the cross, and His resurrection three days later. She made it clear that His death paid the price for my sins and I could have Him as my Savior and spend eternity with Him in heaven if I would believe and trust Him.

That night Christ forgave my sins, came into my life, and rocked my world. He gave my story meaning and purpose. He made everything extraordinary. Long before I existed in this world, He said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10) He gave me that abundant life.

An adventure began in my life at that moment and continues even now. He reveals more of Himself to me each new day. I still struggle against my sinful desires. Spiritual battles rage constantly, but the Lord fights for me. He lives through me. The power that created the vast galaxies, the God who can hold the universe in the palm of His hand, chose to dwell in insignificant little me. Suddenly, with this realization, my need to impress those around me vanishes. I now see that every moment, each new day, every experience brings a new opportunity to know Him more and to bring Him glory.

Other stories abound, all intricately woven together in His perfect creativity. At the end of this life I long only to hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” His work continues as each story, each life, each vessel is carefully crafted by the Master’s hand. This blog exists to tell the stories of God’s power doing extraordinary things through ordinary vessels like me.

Ordinary Vessel

Ordinary Vessel Used for His Glory


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